Where all the best websites are

We live in an era of information overload. There are a ton of tools for just about anything on the internet. The question is, “How do you find the best?”

One way of finding the best is Googling for them. But when you Google for them, some of the articles that are written are not completely informed.

One way of making sure you are using the best web app or tool is to check out AlternativeTo.net. AlternativeTo lists competitors to the service you are thinking about using. The number of likes a service has is a good indicator of its quality.

Another way you can find great web apps and websites is to Google for “best websites” and look through the lists that are in the search results. But those lists don’t give all the best websites.

If you are still unsure of what the best website or app is then you can always post questions at forums like Reddit or Yahoo Answers. People are generally happy to answer and give their opinion.

There is also https://thebestsites.com. There you will find tons of information about top websites, blogs, and apps. They even let you know if the web service has apps for iPhone, Android, etc.
Once you find the best website for whatever you are looking for, you will rest better.


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